‘Govt committed to securing broadest possible consensus’

Kathmandu, August 27

The government today told the heads and representatives of diplomatic missions based in the capital that it was committed to making all efforts to secure the broadest possible consensus on delineation of federal boundaries by taking into account the viability as well as legitimate and genuine aspirations of the Nepali people.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mahendra Bahadur Pandey and Minister of Finance Ram Sharan Mahat jointly briefed the diplomatic corps on the Kailali killings and contemporary politics and told them that the provision of a Federal Commission would give scope for accommodating the genuine concern of people even after promulgating the constitution.

“Promulgation of the constitution through the Constituent Assembly is not the end of the process; it is also the beginning of a new process. The constitution is a dynamic/progressive document. We must have patience and let the process move smoothly towards its logical conclusion,” read the joint statement issued in the meeting by the ministers.

The government expected sincere cooperation from all political parties and other stakeholders in carrying forward the constitution drafting process to safeguard the vital interest of the country and the Nepali people.

“This is the time to remain united and thwart all attempts to derail the constitution writing process,” read the statement. Stating that Nepal is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-ethnic country, the ministers said socio-cultural harmony, religious tolerance and unity in diversity had been the characteristic features of Nepalese society. “We all must ensure that these values and norms are not undermined in any way by any activity carried out under any pretext,” read the statement.

The ministers said peace, security and stability were prerequisites for progress and prosperity and a peaceful, stable and prosperous Nepal would also be in the interests of the region and beyond. “We expect understanding and support from our neighbours and friends in the intentional community in our efforts towards this end,” read the statement. The government told the international community that given the diversity of Nepali society, architecture of a federation solely on the basis of ethnic identity is neither possible nor desirable. “However, we are committed to accommodate the legitimate and genuine aspirations of different and diverse communities,” the statement read, “In democracy, adjustment and accommodation can always be made if the situation and circumstances so warrant.”

The government also said that it had no intention of curtailing people’s right to express their views and opinion in a peaceful manner. “What happened in Tikapur on Monday is difficult to comprehend as it was not staged the way a peaceful political demonstration/rally is generally staged,” the statement read.

Condemning the Tikapur killing, the ministers said the incident would, however, not deter the indomitable spirit of the Nepali people to move ahead with the promulgation of the new constitution and seize the historic opportunity.

Organising a press conference after the briefing, Mahat told mediapersons that the government told the international community that a new constitution should be framed as per the mandate of the people.