Govt employees unaware of RTI

KATHMANDU: Government employees seems to be unaware about the Right to Information (RTI) Act, even after it is going to be a decade that the country's Constitution guaranteed it.

While sharing their experiences at a seminar organised in the Capital on Friday, RTI campaigner and employees at the public agencies said that the government employees did not behave properly with the service seekers.

According to Narayan Rai, a reporter of Dhankuta District, government employees still worry over the disclosure of information, arguing that they could face risk.

"Information seekers are taken as a 'stray dog' in the beginning. We are quite mistreated at the government offices," he said, adding, "Constant follow ups on the information requests obviously prodded them to disclose the information on various topics."

RTI campaigner Raju Shrestha from Morang district said, "Corruption is democratised because the government offices still hide information for public."

Bishwojit Rai, Information Officer at the District Development Committee (DDC), Udayapur accepted that he had rejected information sought by various persons time and again in the past.

"We take the oath of office and secrecy. This oath urges us not to disclose information. So, keeping secrecy in the government offices was normal," he said


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