Govt notice for Tihar

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Home Affairs, issuing a notice, has requested everyone to refrain from indulging in untoward activities while celebrating Tihar festival. It has requested people to avoid playing with firecrackers and participate in late night deusi-bhailo programmes, which are celebrated at night. It has also barred people from producing vulgar songs related to deusi-bhailo.

“Anyone found indulging in activities prohibited by this notice are subject to punishment as per the existing laws,” read the notice. It stated that special security programmes have been made to control unwanted activities during the festival period and requested people to inform police immediately if they noticed any suspicious activities in their neighbourhood.

Playing cards and kauda (a traditional form of gambling with 16 sea shells) and drinking have been identified as ill practice people indulge in during Tihar festival. Gambling and excessive drinking often lead to criminal incidents. Security agencies have claimed that they were committed to maintaining law and order during the festive period, beginning on Saturday.