Govt seeks concrete plan from Sajha Prakashan

Kathmandu, January 3

Education Minister Giriraj Mani Pokharel today asked Sajha Prakashan to come up with a concrete plan for distribution of school textbooks, if the latter wanted the government to provide it loan.

Sajha Prakashan has been seeking a loan of Rs 200 million from the government.

Currently,chairperson of the Sajha Prakashan Management Committee Dolindra Sharma is running ‘Save Sajha Campaign’ to revive the organisation, which reportedly is on the verge of collapse.

Interacting with officials and trade union representatives of Sajha Prakashan, Minister Pokharel said the government was ready to provide loan to the publication house if the latter presented a concrete and reliable plan.

Education minister’s personal assistant Jagrit Rayamajhi said a concrete plan had been sought from Sajha Prakashan to make sure that the loan to be provided by the government would not be misused and utlised for the betterment of the organisation.

He said Sajha Prakashan has been seeking loan from the government for printing and distribution of school textbooks.

The minister has also asked the state-owned Janak Education Materials Center to come up with an action plan for printing and distribution of school textbooks by January 7.

Around 30 million textbooks are required for students from Grade I to X across the country.

So far, the government has allowed private printers to print school textbooks only from Grade I to V, while the JEMC prints textbooks from Grade VI to X.