Govt to sign grant deal with quake survivors

Kathmandu, November 5

The signing of housing grant agreement with registered earthquake victims has started in the Kathmandu Valley.

According to Central Level Project Implementation Unit under the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, the government launched the signing of the agreement in all wards of Tarkeshwor, Kageshwori Manahara, Tokha and Sankharapur municipalities and two wards of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City yesterday. The authorities will proceed with the programme in the remaining six municipalities of Kathmandu district from Monday.

The National Reconstruction Authority has listed 42,102 beneficiaries in Kathmandu. Similarly, local bodies have started signing agreement with beneficiaries in Bajrabarahi, Mahalaxmi and Karyabinayak municipalities and Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City of Lalitpur district. Agreement will be signed with all beneficiaries of LSMC, five municipalities and 19 VDCs of Lalitpur after Chhath festival, said CLPIU.

Officials have also completed preparations for signing the grant agreement in Bhaktapur district. As many as 90,888 beneficiaries have been listed in Kathmandu Valley. The three districts of Kathmandu are among 14 districts most affected by the earthquakes last year. Each quake victim family will be entitled to Rs 50,000 as reconstruction grant in the first instalment.

A total of 531,964 households have been listed as beneficiaries in 11 quake-hit districts outside the Valley and 468,129 households have already signed grant agreements.

According to CLPIU, 425,6422 households in the 11 districts have received the first tranche of grant worth Rs 50,000 each as of October 28. Similarly, 173,794 households lodged complaints at NRA, saying they were left out during the beneficiary survey despite being affected by the quake. The NRA will provide grant worth Rs 300,000 to each of the quake-hit households in three instalments.