Govt, temporary teachers strike

Kathmandu, November 24:

Temporary teachers today ended their relay hunger strike after the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) and the Temporary Teachers’ Struggle Committee reached an agreement on six major issues.

According to the agreement, all temporary teachers working in community schools till April 14, 2006 and those permanent primary school teachers who were promoted but working on a temporary basis would be made permanent.

Professor Dr Mangal Siddhi Manandhar of the Education Ministry and Narendra Kunwar, the president of the Temporary Teachers’ Struggle Committee signed the agreement at the Ministry.

According to the agreement, all working female teachers who are under the Women Education Project will also be made permanent.

As there is a shortage of teachers’ quota in schools, the Education Ministry will demand funds to create more quotas from the Ministry of Finance.

Teachers who had to suffer due to the delay in the publication of results of the teachers’ examination for permanent posts would be given another chance. The Teachers’ Service Commission took eight years to publish the results. The temporary period of the teachers would be taken into account while granting them permanency, Laba Prasad Tripathee, the spokesperson for the Education Ministry, said.

The government would provide medical expenses for those temporary teachers who participated in the relay hunger strike in 2004 and teachers who were injured during the Janaandolan II, the agreement states.

Temporary teachers were on a relay hunger strike since September 20 at Ratna Park and had been organising sit-in protests in front of all district education offices throughout the country since October 8. Their major demands included placement for displaced temporary teachers and making temporary teachers permanent.