Govt to shield media, says PM

Kathmandu, May 17:

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala today called on all political parties to move ahead by narrowing down their differences. There is a need to promote inter-cultural understanding to build an inclusive society, he said, inaugurating a photo exhibition organised by Himal Media.

Koirala said the government would not tolerate activities aimed at curtailing press freedom. He said the Nepali press had faced numerous challenges and stood the test of time.

Koirala expressed hope that the media sector will be able to overcome difficulties.

He added the media had been facing difficulties due to the YCL. The Prime Minister said

he had taken up this issue with Maoist chairman Prachanda.

Koirala appreciated the role played by media in Nepal’s democratic struggles, adding that press freedom is a must for development.

The media should play the role of a watchdog and help promote and maintain transparency and fairness, he said.