Govt to uphold human rights, says Pradhan

Kathmandu, March 4:

Foreign Minister Sahana Pradhan reiterated the government’s commitment to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedom in the country.

While addressing the high level segment of the 7th session of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva yesterday, Pradhan said Nepal considers respect to human rights as the central to the peace process. She expressed Nepal’s belief in the universality of human rights and consideration of all rights — civil, political, social and economic rights — including the rights to development.

Stating that the Nepali people are awaiting April 10, a great historic day, when they will vote for the Constituent Assembly (CA) election, Pradhan said only the democratic path paves the way for a harmonious, just and equitable society in a multi-racial, multi-lingual and multi-religious settings.

She lauded the goodwill and support extended by the international community to Nepal during the democratic movement and for the CA election.