Govt urged to adopt scientific standards on facilities for ex-VIPs

KATHMANDU: A report by a parliamentary panel has urged the government to adopt effective and scientific standards on facilities to be provided to former VIPs.

A sub-committee under the Legislature-Parliament's Good Governance and Monitoring Committee (GGMC) submitted its report to the GGMC full meeting today.

The sub-committee was assigned to study and evaluate the services and other facilities provided to the retired high level officials.

The report, meanwhile, has revealed that a retired high level official was found using different facilities worth Rs 4 million annually. The report states that the facilities and security management provided to a former Home Minister was found to be worth around Rs 3.6 million. It was a heavy financial burden on the state, it commented.

The sub-committee chair Janak Raj Joshi briefed about the report in the meeting committee today and suggested the government to develop effective and scientific procedures to provide services and monitor them in order to avoid misuse of the facilities.

The report points out that the state mechanism does not have any clear provision in this regard yet.