Govt urged to meet people’s expectations

Kathmandu, May 15:

Political leaders and civil society members today accused the incumbent government of failing to work as per people’s expectations regarding the issue of constituent assembly. Speaking at an interaction, political leaders said there is a need of debate over the issue.

Sarita Giri, leader of Nepal Sadhbhawana Party (A), said territorial unity and territorial integrity should be incorporated in the new constituent assembly.

Pradip Gyawali of the CPN UML said that the country needs restructuring on various fronts like social, religious, ethnic and regional. If the new constitution failed to address these issues it would be no good for the development of the country. He voiced for the establishment of a democratic republic through an election to a constituent assembly. “There is a need to create an environment where people can take part in the constituent assembly elections without fear,” he said.

The interim statute is getting delayed, he said urging the civil society to keep pressuring the government for the same.

Left leader Nilamber Acharya said that the new constitution should abolish autocracy and address the Maoist problem. Acharya stressed on sustainable peace, republican state, development through social and economic restructuring. Challenges lie ahead, as the government is yet to legitimise the 12-point understanding reached between the seven-party alliance and the CPN-Maoist.

Human rights campaigner Daman Nath Dhungana said if changes come in fractions despite such a big movement, it will not mean anything. Revival of the House does not solve any problem on its own; it just hints light at the end of tunnel, Dhungana said.