Grades XI, XII curriculum being modified

Bhaktapur, October 5

Higher Secondary Education Board will be modifying the curriculum of various subjects in grade XI and XII to be effective from next academic session.

Curriculum and Training Division in HSEB today said that it was going to modify the curriculum of 163 subjects in grade XI and XII.

HSEB has also decided to celebrate this year as ‘Year of Curriculum’ to draw the attention of all concerned, including the office, towards modification of the curricula of grades XI and XII.

Jung Bahadur Aryal, chief, Curriculum and Training Division said, “The main aim behind modification of curriculum is to make it relevant for the 21st century.”

HSEB was established in 1989 when the new curriculum for higher secondary level was prepared.

He stated that the curriculum was modified in 1999 the last time and slight changes were made after that.

“Some curricula prepared earlier are not relevant at present, thus we need to adjust them on the basis of needs. The curriculum should also suit the changing scenario of the world,” he said, adding, “The curriculum should also be able to produce quality human resources within the country which will be equally competent all over the world.”

HSEB has issued a notice urging all subject experts, intellectual, educationists, principals, teachers, students, people from various professions, higher secondary schools and others to give suggestions on various subjects that need to be modified, by December 1.

He said, “We urge all concerned to suggest to us what things should be removed from the old curriculum and what new content ought to be added to the existing one and if any new subject is necessary. We are ready to prepare the new curriculum and introduce new subjects too.”

He stated that HSEB will be considering every suggestion from well wishers and also that it will be holding focus group discussion of subject experts for modifying the curriculum.

HSEB has publicised a list of 57 optional subjects and three compulsory subjects for grade XI and 76 optional subjects and three compulsory subjects for grade XII.

HSEB began technical education in grade XI from this year by preparing a new curriculum for the subject. It has also enlisted 12 technical subjects each in grade XI and XII for modification.

Aryal also mentioned plans to merge some subjects.

HSEB will be implementing the modified curriculum from the new academic session and is all set to complete the task within this fiscal.