The Gurans Tulip Foundation has been established in Lalitpur with the aim of promoting cultural linkages between Nepal and the Netherlands. "We have chosen the national flowers of our respective countries to provide the basis for the name of our new organisation," said art-curator Sangita Thapa, president of the Foundation.

"The Netherlands has more linkages with Nepal than most other European countries, and there is great empathy for us there. We hope to further promote the bilateral ties and also work to showcase world class Nepali cultural contributions in the world stage," Thapa added.

The Gurans Tulip Foundation has plans to be engaged in the area of tourism, performing arts, sports, education and philanthropy.

The executive members of the new organisation include Subodh Rana, Yogendra Shakya, Pratima Pande, Deepak Lama, Kanak Mani Dixit and Gyani Bhakta Bade.