Guthi to reclaim encroached land

Kathmandu, November 16:

Guthi Sansthan is making preparations to reclaim its land encroached upon by individuals, organisations, government and local bodies.

“We will first prepare a detailed record of land belonging to Guthi,” Simanta Raj Chapagain, chief administrator of Guthi, told this daily today, adding: “We have written to our local offices to go through old records of land belonging to Guthi and tally it with its present land holding.”

“We will log the updated record of land belonging to the Guthi in a computer so that people can see how much land the Guthi owns,” Chapagain said, adding: “We want to keep the record of land holdings up-to-date and transparent.”

There is no official record to ascertain how much land the Guthi actually owns.

Chapagain, however, said Guthi used to own about 16,00,000 ropanis of land. The land was bequeathed by philanthropists and devout people. With the removal of the provision of duel ownership of land in 1985, part of the land was transferred to tenants, while land mafia managed to grab some of the land.