Gyawali hits out at Maoists

Kathmandu, July 28:

CPN-UML leader and former Minister for Tourism and Culture Pradip Gyawali today charged the Maoists of trying to avoid Constituent Assembly (CA) elections.

“They (Maoists) are coming up with great slogans but their deeds reflects that they are trying to keep the CA polls at bay and continue the present period of transition for long,” he said.

Addressing a youths’ programme on the constituent assembly election organised by the Ramechhap-Kathmandu Contact Forum, he said that Maoists’ new ideas might disrupt the well-shaped path for the constituent assembly election.

“Their proposal to declare republican is one among their tricks to postpone the CA election,” he blamed.

He also said that the restructuring of the state is a major issue of late, but “it cannot be done

only by following the ethnic identities and their historic regions.”

“Nepal has become such a country these days that none of the particular regions could be given to one ethnic community. So, along with ethnicity, we have to consider various languages and cultural uniformity, geographical appropriateness, economic autonomy and historical background,” he said.