"Haven't left Nepal": Gyanendra hints his political presence

KATHMANDU: The former King Gyanendra Shah on Sunday reminded that he had not left the nation, hinting that he still had political interests.

Issuing a statement on the eve of Prithvi Jayanti, the birth anniversary of modern Nepal's unifier King Prithvi Narayan Shah, the former monarch expressed his dissatisfaction over latest political developments.

"I handed over the property of people to themselves and left the palace for national interests and happiness, prosperity and satisfaction of people," Shah said in the statement, "But, what all should remember is that I have not left my Nepali home and have not yet given up the responsibility for Nepal and Nepalis."

"It is a need of the hour that what kind of responsibility, role and support Nepali people want, from whom, be revealed."

Explaining hardships people are currently facing including inflation, scarcity and foreign dependence, the former ruler said, "Nepali people are struggling hard to manage two square meals a day and live a normal life. It is a matter of serious concern."

"Whatever wrangles have surfaced in the nation currently regarding rules, geography, governance and administration," he said, "It is not good."

He urged all the citizens to maintain the centuries-old communal harmony.

"The more we - all Nepalis from mountains, hills and plains - can be integrated into this garden (of diversity)," the former monarch said in the metaphor propounded by his forefather Prithvi Narayan Shah, "The higher our proud existence and independent Nepaliness becomes."