Health Ministry says Sindhupalchok flu seasonal, will investigate the outbreak

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Health and Population says the flu outbreak in Gumba VDC of Sindhupalchok district is seasonal. However, it will investigate the outbreak that has caused panic among the locals given that it's symptoms correspond to that of the Novel Coronavirus.

On Tuesday, Jugal Rural Municipality Office of Sindhupalchok district wrote to the Ministry asking them to dispatch a team of medical experts and doctors to examine local residents of Gumba village who, according to the letter, have shown symptoms similar to that of coronavirus infection.

"It is likely that people are suffering from seasonal flu. To say it is Coronavirus is to spread misinformation," Ministry Spokesperson Mahendra Shrestha said.

According to the MoHP, Sindhupalchok District Health Office has dispatched a seven-member team of doctors including Dr Amrit Prajapati, health assistants and auxiliary health workers led by Dr Pitambar Khanal to the rural municipality office in Jugal-3, formerly Gumba VDC in the district.

“The health team that has been dispatched will look into the cases and rule out the problem. If any of the cases tested positive for coronavirus infection, the ministry would further give direction to the team on what to do next,” said chief of Health Emergency Operation Center, Sagar Dahal at the Health Ministry.

The present panic created globally by the coronavirus outbreak in China has contributed to creating a hostile and fearful situation