Hetauda Sub-metropolis initiates dog management drive

HETAUDA: In line with the surging population of stray canines in Hetauda, the city authority on Monday has initiated a dog vasectomy camp with technical assistance from Pets Home, Dharan, Himalayan Animal and Rescue Trust, Pokhara and District Livestock Office, Makawanpur.

The sub-metropolis opted for permanent vasectomy of dogs and bitches to prevent further rise in population of the stray canines.

In the first day of a week-long vasectomy camp, as per the Sub-metropolis records, 40 stray canines were caught and sterilised before they were allowed to roam free in the streets again.

Apart from sterlisation, the canines brought to Livestock Office were also injected anti-rabies vaccines.

“The stray canines are sedated before a team of six veterinarians operate and remove their testicles and uterus,” Chief at the office Ram Prakash Pradhan said.