Hi-tech boost to DNA tests

Kathmandu, February 8:

National Forensic Science Laboratory (NFSL) has recently imported Liquid Nitrogen Freezer Mill. It is all set to acquire another sophisticated equipment — Real Time PCR — within a month. The latter will help conduct DNA tests in bones, a historic first in the country.

“The Real Time PCR will enable us to analyse DNA in smallest bone particles. The technology will be a guiding force to establish the identity of missing people. It will also be crucial to solve criminal cases,” said Jeevan Prasad Rijal, forensic expert, NFSL.

Plans are afoot to set up a DNA data bank for wild animals. The initiative will help maintain a headcount of wild animals and an understanding of their habitats.

“However, such a project required huge investment. We need to approach donor agencies,” he said.

‘The advent of technology will lead to establishment of DNA data bank. Samples are being collected from criminals. At a later stage, this will be integrated with the DNA Data Bank Highway of other countries. Hence, a criminal can be nabbed anywhere in the world on the basis of clinching evidence,” explained Rijal.

The senior official felt that import of hi-tech technology was not as challenging as coping up with the innovations in a fast changing world.