Himalayan Consensus Summit concludes

Kathmandu, March 18

The two-day Himalayan Consensus Summit 2016 that saw an exchange of ideas and conversations to find a new holistic development paradigm concluded with a set of actionable plans to drive the Himalayan economy.

The session was addressed by Ambica Shrestha, chairperson of Hotel Dwarika’s, Del Christensen, chief of Global Business Development for the Bay Area Council in California, Leela Mani Paudyal, former chief secretary, and Laurence Brahm, the founder of Himalayan Consensus Institute China.

Brahm proposed three key actionable points to carry forward from the 2016 summit. Firstly, there will be a Himalayan Consensus book documenting the discourse during the two-day summit.

Secondly, he announced formation of a Himalayan Consensus Fund, which will focus on developing clean energy and water in the Himalayan region, and a Heritage Fund for restoring the cultural heritage of the region.

Brahm also stated that the Davos summit of the East will continue to take the discourse forward.

The two-day summit witnessed speakers from individual innovators to entrepreneurs and business and finance leaders sorting out new solutions through thought-sharing and panel discussions.

The second day of the summit also featured sessions on rebuilding the Himalayas through multipronged strategies, new financial architecture exploring the need for innovative institutions to provide financial capital and finding a new paradigm to help institutions transform.

The Himalayan Times was the Media Partner for the event.