Hindu state campaign concludes

KATHMANDU: Rudrachandi Akhanda Mahayagya which was organised at Pashupati Bankali for the restoration of peace and the Hindu nation status from February 28 in Kathmandu is concluded on Tuesday.

Yesterday former King Gyanendra Shah and his wife Komal attended the Mahayagya and held talks with Kali Baba.

Speaking to reporters Gyanendra said that Nepal should be reinstated as a Hindu nation but only with the approval of the Nepalese people.

Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, Sher Bahadur Deuba, Vice President Paramananda Jha and KP Oli showed their solidarity for the cause by participating in the programme.

Kali Baba has threatened to sacrifice his life if Nepal's Hindu status is not resorted.

The demand to declare Nepal as a Hindu nation has been rising since the last few months. Various parties and students have been pressing the government demanding that Nepal be declared as a Hindu state.

For instance, on February 23 Rastriya Prajatantra Party, Nepal (RPP-N) called a protest to declare the country as a Hindu state.

Similarly Free Students Union (FSU), Balmili Campus on February 11 issued a press statement demanding the same citing the need for preserving ancient religions, norms and values of the Nepali society.

From the very beginning the Hindu organisations including World Hindu Federation have been against the proclamation by the House of Representatives declaring Nepal a secular state.