Hindus celebrate Janai Purnima

Kathmandu, August 28:

Hindus celebrated Janai Purnima, also known as rakshya bandhan — a festival of scared thread — as thousand of devotees gathered at the temples of Pashupatinath and Kumbheshwor Mahadev in Lalitpur today.

Men celebrated Janai Purnima by wearing janai around their necks, while women tied rakhi around their brothers’ wrists, wishing them good life and protection from misfortune. Similarly, men, women and children tied sacred thread around their wrists from Hindu priests. There is a belief that the threads protect one from diseases. Janai is believed to offer power, long-life, health and intellectuality.

Dr Punya Prasad Dangal, president of the Vedic Science Research Academy, said the day is meant to pay homage to great Rishis and Munis, who were our ancestors. Along with the reverence, the tradition of wearing janai and rakshya bandhan begun because people believed that the ancestors would bestow on them good wishes through the sacred threads this day.

“People visit temples of the Mahadev following the tradition of the ancient Rishis and Munis, who where great devotees of Mahadev,” Dangal said.