HLPM can annul govt, says Kiran

KATHMANDU: Senior vice-chairman of UCPN-Maoist Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’ today clarified that army will not be integrated before the constitution is drafted and demanded that all the important tasks of the peace process should be accomplished in a package.

“We are concerned about the drafting of new constitution in the wake of controversial statements made by certain ministers,” said Kiran, while addressing a programme here today. He alleged that responsible leaders had been issuing statements against the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

He said the army integration, drafting of new constitution and restructuring of the state should be accomplished in a package.

Kiran claimed that the recently held standing committee meeting had decided that the army integration could be completed only after the state decided on military policy. He added that the meeting concluded that the party was for peace and constitution.

On the new constitution, he said, “Nepali people will revolt if the constitution goes against their aspirations. In such a situation our party will lead the revolt. But we don’t want such a situation to arise.” Kiran claimed that nationality and people’s democracy were two sides of a coin and cannot be understood separately, adding that the forces, who are against national independence and people’s democracy, were the enemies of the party.

On High-Level Political Mechanism, he said it offered hope at a time when the government was not concentrating on resolving the impending political deadlock. He added, “The PM is gradually deviating from his responsibilities, so he cannot play any role in the HLPM.” He claimed the mechanism had the right to dissolve the existing coalition and form a new government.”What’s the use of HLPM if it cannot lead the peace process to the logical conclusion and draft new constitution?” he wondered. He said the HLPM was not a separate power-centre but an overall power-centre.