HLPM no good, says DPM Gachhadar

KATHMANDU: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Physical Planning and Works Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar today blamed that the High-Level Political Mechanism (HLPM) is leading the nation towards uncertainty, crisis and confrontation rather than settling the dispute among the political parties.

Speaking at an interaction organised here by the Reporters’ Club Nepal, DPM Gachhadar said the HLPM could neither play any role to pave the way for promulgating the constitution on the specified time nor end protracted disputes among parties. He said that the HLPM was a major setback in the constitution writing and peace processes.

He said, “People who are eagerly awaiting the new constitution and logical end to the peace process, have given up their hope that HLPM could play any active role in this direction.” He reasoned that HLPM is focused on changing the government and was busy hatching a conspiracy in that direction.

DPM Gachhadar urged the HLPM members to play the role of facilitators rather than engaging on equation change.

If parties are for changing the guard, then we cannot promulgate the constitution on time. DPM reasoned that the leaders, who are active in changing the government, do not have genuine desire to bring about the constitution.

He informed that the government would recognise only 3,300 Maoist combatants adopting one-man one weapon formula. He said,” Government is ready to manage them integrating into the different security organisations. However, he said that the integration would be done on individual basis, not bulk integration.

He further added that the UCPN-Maoist wants to promulgate the totalitarian constitution sidelining the democratic constitution.

DPM Gachhadar also opined that national politics should be polarised into two -democratic versus totalitarians - one led by the UCPN-M and the other by democrats, including his own party.

He said, “We’re leading the democratic front and the UCPN-Maoist is leading the totalitarian front”.

We want democratic constitution but the Maoists want one party constitution. “This is where the conflict lies,” he added.

DPM Gachhadar, however, expressed his optimism that they would hold the sway and promulgate the constitution on time despite the compressed deadline.

“We have just 97 days ahead; but we can do all things within this period provided the major political parties become serious,” he said, cautioning that the Madhes- based parties will gang up against the major parties should constitution fail its deadline.

“If and when such a situation emerges, we’d launch Madhes movement to bring the major parties to right track and interfere in national politics,” he added.

He also dismissed the widespread speculation that the present government would be replaced by a new one. “Change in the government is unlikely, neither it is of high-priority. It’ll not collapse soon as rumored,” he added.