Hospitals handed over to provinces

Kathmandu, January 23

The Ministry of Health and Population today handed over the responsibility of managing and regulating health institutions to the provincial governments.

Minister of Health and Population Upendra Yadav handed over all regional health directorates, regional health training centres, regional medical stores, sub-regional health training centres, district public health offices, regional hospitals, sub-regional hospitals, zonal hospitals, district hospitals, regional ayurveda hospitals, and district ayurveda health centres to the provinces.

However, the government has decided to transform Koshi Zonal Hospital, Narayani Sub-regional Hospital, Bharatpur Hospital, Bheri Zonal Hospital and Dadeldhura Sub-regional Hospital as tertiary level hospitals.

The ministry has also handed over the responsibility of managing these hospitals to the Ministry of Social Development of the provinces until the enactment of provincial laws. The Ministry of Social Development can fill the vacant posts of province health directorates, public health offices, provincial medical stores, provincial health training centres and provincial public health laboratories as per necessity.

Likewise, the provincial ministries of social development are required to send updated details of government hospitals to the Ministry of Health and Population. They are also required to inform the federal health ministry about acceptance of resignation of 10th level staff and their retirement.