House endorses Education Act Amendment Bill

KATHMANDU: The Parliament on Saturday endorsed the Education Act Eighth Amendment Bill unanimously.

Education Minister Giriraj Mani Pokharel had tabled a proposal seeking endorsement of the Bill.

Earlier, Pokharel had tabled the Education Act Eighth Amendment Bill - including a report from the Women, Children, Senior Citizens and Social Welfare Committee - for discussion.

Lawmakers of various parties took part in the discussion.

The Parliament, meanwhile, has been adjourned till June 15.


The Bill has proposed categorising school education into two levels  basic education (Grade I to VIII) and secondary education (Grade IX to XII).

Currently, there are four levels in school education  primary level (Grade I to V), lower secondary level (Grade VI to VIII), secondary level (Grade IX to X) and higher secondary level (grade XI to XII).

The Bill also proposes transforming Higher Secondary Education Board, which regulates higher secondary schools across the country, into National Education Board, which would conduct the national-level school termination examinations.

The Bill bars cooperatives from running schools.


Meanwhile, the Good Governance and Monitoring Committee of the Parliament on Saturday tabled its annual report at the full House.