House meeting obstructed by UDMF lawmakers again

KATHMANDU: The Parliament meeting was obstructed by lawmakers of the protesting United Democratic Madhesi Parties (UDMF) on Sunday.

Lawmakers of the protesting parties have been demanding that the House proceedings should not move ahead until their demands were not met.

At the House meeting today, the Parliamentarians chanted slogans against the government to obstruct the Speaker Onsari Gharti from moving ahead with the set agenda.

Before this, Gharti had given time to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Kamal Thapa.

Following the obstruction, the meeting has been adjourned for 11 am on Monday.

The UDMF has been staging demonstrations in various parts of the Tarai-Madhes region, protesting the demarcation of federal units in the Constitution.

The lawmakers have been obstructing the House for last few weeks.