Houses out of design increasing

Though there is a provision to get the building design passed from the metropolis, sub-metropolis or municipality before constructing houses, only ten per cent of the building activities are carried out after getting approval from the concerned offices.

Sujitman Shrestha, engineer at Urban Development Department (UDD), said that people get the designs passed, but don’t construct houses as per the plan. Therefore, the metro can’t count the number of houses constructed as per the design. He added, “Construction cost is soaring as well as the competition of building ultra-modern houses has become a fashion. That’s why they pass one design from respective local authorities and build a different house.”

According to UDD, 3, 319 houses have been constructed this year.

An engineer at the Kathmandu metropolis said that the metro has not moved forward with strict provisions to discourage them from constructing houses not resembling with the original design. However, the owners of such buildings can be charged up to Rs 100,000.

Shrestha said that metropolis used to hand over certificate after they passed the map of three stages: DPC, permanent pass and after construction” he added.

A staff at the office noted that a mobile police team has been formed to check whether the houses are being constructed as per the design or not, but the problem is that the office initiates investigation only after receiving complaints.