HSEB flays govt’s education policy

Kathmandu, July 27:

The government is experimenting with its education policy by playing with the students’ future, said Dr Upendra Koirala, vice-president of Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB), today.

“The government is playing with the students’ future because the education policies it has implemented are not good enough to impart quality education,” he said while speaking at an interaction organised by Education Journalists’ Group.

“The education policy-makers are more interested in pleasing the donors instead of improving the quality of education,” he said, adding that it seems that Nepali education policy is meant for only those students who can’t afford to study in foreign countries.

“There has never been anything like an interim plan for education sector, like the one in Nepal. The government is implementing a three-year interim education plan just to keep a hold of the key positions in the education sector,” he maintained.

Lekh Nath Neupane, president of All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union-Revolutionary, said that the government must be clear on its concept towards secondary education. “All secondary schools should be upgraded into higher secondary schools and the students must get quality education as per their investment,” he added.