HOTC starts providing treatment for cardiac diseases

Bhaktapur, October 19

The Human Organ Transplant Centre Bhaktapur has started offering treatment for heart diseases from yesterday.

HOTC Bhaktapur now conducts electrocardiogram tests, video x-rays, thermo-mechanical treatment, and other diagnostic tests and treatment for cardiac diseases. The centre has started this new service with the aim of conducting heart transplant surgeries within the next five years.

The centre has offered free clinical examination for a week from yesterday. ECG tests are offered for a nominal charge of Rs 25, and echocardiogram tests offered for a fee of Rs 250, which is 5 to 10 times cheaper than in other hospitals.

Executive Director of HOTC Dr Pukar Shrestha said, “There are only three other government hospitals that offer treatment for cardiac diseases, which is not sufficient given the number of heart patients in our country.

Earlier researches have shown that one in four people in Nepal suffer from heart diseases.” Dr Shrestha said the newly launched services will help people who come for kidney transplants get treatment for cardiac diseases in the same hospital.

The centre has also established a modern catheterisation laboratory to treat patients of heart attack. “Angiogram and angioplasty services will start in the next three months. At least two senior cardiologists will deliver this service at a very nominal fee,” he added.

The centre plans to carry out open heart surgeries from next week with a team of cardiologists and critical care doctors trained in the US, Singapore, and Russia.

“Heart diseases are increasing in the country. Extrapolating from the present, it is possible that one in three people in Nepal will have heart diseases by 2020,” he said.