HURON seeks PM’s commitment to peace

Kathmandu, December 14:

Human Rights Organisation of Nepal today called on Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ to publicly declare that the Maoists have given up politics of weapons.

HURON expressed its concern about the PM’s recent announcement to take up arms again if the society did not adopt the change. Deeming the speech as being contrary to the letter and spirit of the Interim Constitution, the rights organisation stated that the premier should announce that the government, including himself, follows the peace process.

While, Prachanda today reiterated his threat to take up arms if a tide of change did not follow the abolition of monarchy. HURON chairman Sudeep Pathak, issuing a press statement, said the government had not hesitated to make such a comment at a time it was holding talks with the Tarai outfits. “Contrary to the spirit of the constitution and government leadership, Maoist has been promoting politics of weapons even after winning the CA elections and leading the government,” added the statement.