HURPES for fear-free environment for CA polls

Kathmandu, January 9:

Human Rights and Peace Society (HURPES) today pointed out the urgent need to develop a fear-free environment for the general public through the formulation of an interim government comprising the Maoists to put an end to the prolonged situation of dual

taxation, dual state and dual armies in the country.

HURPES president, Krishna Pahadi, said: “To bring an end to the chaotic situation of the country, all the eight parties should have strong unity.”

He said that the ruling Seven-Party Alliance and the Maoists should hold the Constitutional Assembly (CA) polls in a ‘healthy’ environment. “The leading political parties are

not going to get support from the villagers unless they visit the villages with the agenda

to establish republic democracy,” he said. He warned the ruling political alliance that people would lose confidence in them if they failed to conduct the CA polls on time. He said HURPES came to this conclusion after listening to people of the far-western region. Nandakrishna Joshi, member of the visiting team, said: “An environment conducive for the displaced people to go back to their homes should be made and the Maoists should return their property.”