IGP to be grilled on Sudan case

KATHMANDU: A sub-committee formed by the parliamentary State Affairs Committee (SAC) is all set to grill high-ranking Nepal Police officials on alleged irregularities while purchasing goods for a UN mission in Sudan. The panel was formed last month under the coordination of UML lawmaker Pradip Kumar Gyawali.

Gyawali said the sub-committee has decided to call Inspector General of Police Ramesh Chandra Thakuri along with other officials and experts involved in the deal for a discussion on the matter. Preliminary reports suggested irregularities while procuring vehicles, arms tents and other items for the mission.

The SAC decided to launch an inquiry on the issue following media reports of irregularities in the Sudan mission. The goods were found to have not met the standard set by the UN.

The sub-committee was formed to make further inquiry into the case, Gyawali said. Officials concerned have been asked to be present at the October 23 meeting of the sub-committee. Krishna Prasad Sitaula, the then Home Minister, could be asked to attend the meeting if need be, he added.

Home Minister Bhim Rawal yesterday told the press that the UN was also launching a probe into the allegation. National media had carried file photos of the vehicles, tents and other logistic support.