Illegal shops demolished in Dharahara area

Kathmandu, June 2

Kathmandu Metropolitan City today demolished 20 more illegal structures built for commercial purpose near Dharahara.

KMC issued a 24-hour notice yesterday before demolishing the buildings.

According to Ward No 22 Ward chair Chini Kaji Maharjan, the demolished building were the additional structures built by the Kathmandu Mall illegally.

Earlier on May 26, KMC had removed other illegal structures built in the area, including a fast-food restaurant and 18 fancy stores, run by Sidewalker's Traders Pvt Ltd.

Deputy Mayor of KMC Hari Prabha Khadgi said that she started working on a mission to remove illegal structures from the historic site as soon as she came to know that the KMC was not getting tax from the buildings built in the area.

She said, “Despite the little support I received from the higher authorities of the office, I have been successful to bring down all the illegal structures built in Dharahara area.”

She had initiated a public forum earlier to stop constructing any private structures in the southern part of Dharahara owned by the Guthi Sansthan.

National Reconstruction Authority had earlier declared that reconstruction of Dharahara would begin from this fiscal year.

The reconstruction project has envisioned to cover 22 Ropani land for the reconstruction of historic site. For which NRA will have to acquire around 15 ropani area of the Post Office, three ropani land of Sundhara and few more owned by the Guthi Sansthan.

The proposed new Dharahara will be approximately 294 feet tall with two elevators. A underground basement will also be made in the area for vehicle parking, according to KMC officials.