Impeachment Recommendation Committee meet put off

KATHMANDU: A meeting of the Impeachment Recommendation Committee under the Legislature-Parliament today discussed its subcommittee report on internal work procedure before deciding to meet again on coming November 17 for further decisions.

The Committee, realising the need of changes in the language regarding some of the issues before passing the internal work procedure, agreed to postpone the meeting for coming Thursday, according to the sub-committee coordinator Ram Narayan Bidari.

Some committee members were of the view that information regarding the individuals facing the impeachment motion should be taken through a public notice, which according to Bidari, was not legally allowed.

The accused should be granted an opportunity to defend oneself being based on the reasons and bases of the impeachment as mentioned in the motion, he informed.

The Nepali Congress party requested the Committee to put off the meeting for a few days stating that it was yet to go through a detailed study on the impeachment motion and it was busy with the party's youth wing Nepal Tarun Dal's convention that has already kicked off.

Meanwhile, the Legislature-Parliament has restarted discussions on the motion against Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority Chief Lok Man Singh Karki today.