Implementation of constitution satisfactory: Tripathi


Minister of Federal Affairs and General Administration Hridayesh Tripathi said the government could not fulfil everything written in the Constitution within certain period and that should not be an issue of disappointment.

Speaking to media in Kathmandu today, Minister Tripathi said most of the stages of implementation of the constitution have been completed, “Some provisions of the Constitution cannot be fulfilled in single attempt. As soon as an issue is solved new challenges emerge. Human rights, equality, child rights and inclusiveness cannot be addressed in a single tenure or in 10-20 years. The question is whether or not the Constitution has incorporated those issues, he said. “To say that all the issues included in the Constitution are not fulfilled in a single term of a government is not practical.”

Asked about fulfilment of the people’s expectation, he said that this Constitution has determined that Nepal’s state power and sovereignty has been vested on Nepalis and. “The preamble of the Constitution has realistically portrayed the realities and challenges of Nepali society.

It has also clearly mentioned the shortcomings of the past,” said Minister Tripathi.

On the rationale behind federalism, he said federalism was adopted not due to the mere interest of politicians but on the basis of the structure of Nepali society.

“Efforts, failures and contradictions created by the unitary form of governance in the past prompted us to opt for federalism. The Constitution has itself accepted our diversified society,” Minister Tripathi said.

Describing the significance of federalism, Minister Tripathi said, “Federal Democratic Republic was established in the country after the failure of the centralised system. Change in the country was made possible from the sacrifice and struggle of people. The role played by local levels during the coronavirus pandemic has proved its relevance.” He further said the battle against coronavirus would have been very difficult if local levels had not become active, adding that the local levels had carried out an important role to identify abroad returnees, to make arrangement of quarantine and isolation facilities for them as well as to distribute relief materials.

Putting forth his view over the delay in formulation of the Federal Civil Service Act, he clarified that the parliament had forwarded the act to the concerned committee after some amendment.

Responding to the query on civil servants adjustment programme, Minister Tripathi clarified that the adjustment of the civil servants remained tough and it was finally getting a full shape.

He added that all civil servants were equally competent as they are in service after passing the PSC examinations.

Regarding the query whether the Constitution should be amended to address the demands of ethnic groups and disadvantaged groups, Minister Tripathi said the Constitution is a progressive document therefore it could be amended as per the need.

A version of this article appears in e-paper on September 18, 2020, of The Himalayan Times.