Fares not hiked

KATHMANDU: The Department of Transport Management has drawn the attention of all the sectors concerned that the present rate of transport fares will continue until further decision is taken. The clarification came at a time private entrepreneurs unilaterally hiked transport fares. A meeting with the stakeholders has been scheduled for June 16 to review the fares after the recent hike in the prices of petroleum products. — RSS

Animal skins seized

KATHMANDU: Metropolitan Police Crime Division, in cooperation with Wildlife Conservation Nepal, arrested Gopal Gurung, 34, of Lamjung, with skins of endangered animals from Balaju on Thursday. The MPCD said that they raided a guest house at Balaju and seized a tiger skin, a leopard skin and a head of leopard from Gurung. — HNS

Court registrars’ call

KATHMANDU: Registrars of the Supreme Court and Appellate Courts on Friday agreed to connect their courts through computer network to work better to provide justice on time. The registrars, who participated in a two-day conference, also demanded effective implementation of the strategic plan of the judiciary and to network the courts across the country. “We have also called to review the jurisdiction of the registrars of the apex court and the Appellate Courts,” a joint registrar of the apex court said. — HNS

Engineers’ demands

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Engineers’ Association on Friday submitted its demands for fiscal year 2008-09 to the National Planning Commission and Finance Minister, Dr Ram Sharan Mahat. In a press statement, the NEA demanded a renewed focus on the needs of engineers, as they play a vital role in the development of different sectors of the nation. However, due to lack of job opportunities in Nepal and better quality higher education abroad, most of the qualified engineers are leaving the country, explained the statement. — HNS