Inter-city Rotary tie

KATHMANDU: Rotary Club of Bagmati and Rotary Club of Seoul (RCS) signed a sister-city relationship agreement here on Saturday. The two agreed to cooperate and share experiences on settlement of wide-ranging issues, including issues pertaining to health, development and culture. RCS also donated $20,000 for the construction of a building of Pariyati Sichhya Sadan School in Dhapakhel. At the function, Development Credit Bank Limited and the RC Bagmati donated Rs 1.2 lakh to the Nepal Cancer Relief Society to support its anti-smoking campaign. — HNS

Weeklong yoga camp

KATHMANDU: A yoga camp is set to start at the Open Theatre of Kathmandu on June 2-7 with the theme of ‘’exercise yoga for good health’’. Organising a press conference on Saturday, camp main function committee informed that the camp will be organised by Patanjali Yoga Committee and Kathmandu Rotary Club of Kathmandu North and Kathmandu Metropolis-31, Bagbazaar. More than 7,000 yoga parishioners are expected to take part in the camp, the committee said. — HNS

Koran translated

KATHMANDU: Islamic Association Nepal has translated Koran into Nepali language. The Nepali Koran has 1,168 pages, 30 sections and 114 chapters. It deals with the origin of the universe, the basis of life and do’s and don’ts for people, running the government and among others. Director of the Al Koran Academy, Britain Hafeez Muniruddini, released the Nepali version of the Koran at a function here on Saturday. — RSS