ISG’s appeal

KATHMANDU: The Industrial Security Group (ISG) on Monday condemned the recent Maoist abduction of employees engaged in industrial and commercial activities and the Maoist threats against and forced closure of businesses, according to a press statement issued by US Embassy in Kathmandu. Industries and their employees should be allowed to carry on their work freely and peacefully, it said. These actions violate the human right to work and hurt the overall economy of Nepal, said the statement. “The abduction of employees harms those workers and their families and hurts the commercial interests of foreign investors in Nepal, driving away valuable foreign investment and jobs for Nepali people,” the statement said. — HNS

SAARC memo revised

KATHMANDU: SAARC Secretary-General Chenkyab Dorji and Japanese Ambassador to Nepal Tsutomu Hiraoka on Monday signed a revised memorandum of the SAARC Japan Special Fund (SJSF). The revised MoU will replace the earlier one, which was signed in 1993. The SJSF supports a number of cooperation activities of the SAARC and the promotion of intellectual exchanges between Japan and the SAARC countries. — HNS

70 polling booths

LALITPUR: The District Election Officer’s Office, Lalitpur, has fixed polling booths in 70 places of the sub-metropolis and pasted notices about the closure publicity campaigns. District Election Officer and CDO Sthanesw-or Devkota said materials needed for elections have been sent to the booths and the ballot paper and ballot boxes will be sent in the morning of the election day for security reasons. The metropolis has 91,440 voters and 432 employees have been deployed for the elections. — RSS

Temple renovated

BHAKTAPUR: The reconstruction of the Chwonga Ganesh Mandir Lamopati at Ward No 15 in Bhaktapur municipality has been completed. The reconstruction was completed at a cost of Rs 1,204,898, said chairman of the Temple Reconstruction Committee, Laxmi Narayan Rajlawat. — RSS