Incidents of theft on the rise in valley

Kathmandu, August 24

Kathmandu valley has reported 89 cases of theft in a month since the beginning of the fiscal 2018-19, indicating an average of three property crimes taking place daily.

Thieves broke into a drapery shop of Ashok Goyal in New Road and made off with Rs 100,000 yesterday. Capital Saving and Cooperative Pvt Ltd was also burgled in the same place and thieves decamped with cash and gold ornaments worth around Rs 878,000. On Tuesday, gold ornaments weighing 33 tolas, a diamond chain and Rs 45,000 were stolen from the room of Budhha Maya Gurung and Hari Koirala in Boudhha separately.

Property crimes, especially theft, are steadily rising in the valley and this should sound an alarm for denizens to take extra precaution while they are away from home. SSP Dhiraj Pratap Singh at Metropolitan Police Crime Division said nearly 50 per cent of the crime took place in broad daylight in unattended houses and rented rooms of working families and the burglars usually targeted cash, precious ornaments and electronic gadgets.

According to police, monsoon season often sees more incidents of thefts and is an ideal time for burglars as people cannot hear much of anything other than the sound of rain drops falling on objects.

Criminals have been making houses and rooms their soft target during office hours when the house owners and tenants leave their abode for daily work.

Police suggested that burglaries could be decreased to a large extent if house owners or tenants take care of their cash and valuables or put them in banks and do not leave their houses unattended unless necessary and instal security systems.

SSP Singh said MPCD, in association with metropolitan police ranges and circles, had stepped up vigilance against theft and robbery suspects after property crimes rose recently.

The campaign focuses on controlling thefts both during the day and at night in unattended houses and rooms in core city and beyond Ring Road areas.

The special units deployed from MPCD are keeping vigil against and frisking the suspects in crowded areas, bus parks, marketplaces, solitary places, residential areas and business enterprises, among others. Police have arrested around 100 suspects in the past one month.