Lalitpur, August 23:

The Lalitpur sub-Metropolitan City (LMC) is planning to construct a city hall to the south-east of the existing municipal building on 27,000 square feet area with financial support from the government of India. “Considering the congestion within the city area, it would have been more appropriate to build the hall outside the Ring Road,” said Suman Meher Shrestha, LMC’s International Relations officer, “but it would cost extra for land. And as the LMC already has this space we have decided to build the hall there.” The proposal was brought up in 1997, but could not proceed due to lack of funds.

“The government of India has agreed to extend financial assistance to construct the hall,” said Shrestha, adding, “A team of experts comprising under-secretary at the Ministry of External Affairs, Indian government representatives, a civil engineer and an architect from the Central Public Works Department of India, made an inspection of the site on August 16.”

Shrestha said the experts suggested a revision of the basement parking and seat arrangement, among other things. “We will incorporate the suggestions and submit the revised version of the proposal within two months, and the project will begin in the next

six months,” he said. ML Kayastha Consultants had designed the city hall, the cost of which had been estimated at Rs 120 million. The hall will be named Nepal Bharat Maitri Lalit Sabha Griha. According to LMC spokesperson Ashok Shrestha, “The city hall is the need of LMC. It would help in holding various LMC functions as well as other public functions.” He added the city hall would help in conserving the city’s cultural heritage.