Kathmandu, June 8:

Constituent Assembly members representing the indigenous communities today underscored the need for theoretical, intellectual and political training to them to discharge their duties properly.

President of the All Nepal Federation for Indigenous nationalities (Unified) KB Gurung said it was necessary to restructure the country on the basis of ethnicity and regional autonomy to ensure federal reconstruction. “The CA members from the indigenous groups should prioritise ethnic issues,” he said.

“Marginalised and minority groups should have representation in all the sectors in new Nepal.”

CA member Suresh Ale Magar said: “We have abolished monarchy from our country but there still exist remnants of monarchy.”

“There should be political system based on ethnicity so that it can guarantee the rights of indigenous groups,” he added.

CA member Anandi Santoshi Rai said there should be a provision in the constitution to elect President of the country. “Women, Dalit and indigenous groups should get the chance to be the President of the country,” he said.

Pari Thapa, CA member said there should be equal representation of indigenous people in every sector in the country so that they can compete with the rest of the group. He proposed that all the indigenous CA members should form a group to raise their issues.