‘Inform United Nations about rotten rice’

KATHMANDU: Unified CPN-Maoist lawmaker Agni Sapkota on Thursday urged the Parliament to direct the government to keep all necessary equipment and foodstuff in adequate amount, including sirens in disaster-prone areas.

Addressing the Parliament today, Sapkota claimed that he has long been urging the Parliament regarding the preparations, but despite that districts were yet to get even a bulldozer. He also came down heavily on the government for failing to support disaster victims.

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Sapkota questioned the government why the authorities have not yet informed the United Nations about the reality of the rotten foodstuff distributed by the World Food Programme via Nepal’s permanent representative to UN. “It’s the matter of Parliament’s reputation, as its panel’s finding has also proved that rotten rice had been distributed,” Sapkota said.

Another lawmaker Ram Hari Khatiwada also expressed concern about the statement of John Ging, Director, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, who yesterday had termed media reports about WFP-distributed food ‘nonsense’.