Interaction on education in mother languages held

Kathmandu, January 29:

Participants of an interaction today claimed that the students who received their primary education in their respective mother languages have performed better in their studies later.

Speaking at an interaction on ‘Practice of Mother Languages in Nepal’ organised by the Forum for Popular Education - Education Network Nepal, Sunita Manandhar, a teacher of Jagat Sundar Bwanekuthi - a Newari medium school, said most of the products of the Newari School have achieved the top ten positions at other renowned schools. “Some 85 per cent of them have passed the SLC examination and 80 per cent of them achieved first division,” she said.

Manandhar said that the confidence level among the children receiving education in mother tongue would be high and therefore could progress faster. Rajbhai Jakmi of the school said they made curriculum for the school themselves. In its initial period many people volunteered to support the school.