Interest groups backing criminal activities in Valley, say luminaries

Kathmandu, May 29:

Prominent people from various walks of life today condemned the spurt in criminal activities, including burglaries and thefts, in the capital. They said such untoward incidents can be attributed to the failure of the entire administrative machinery during the transitional period.

“Criminal activities usually go up during such transitional periods as many interest groups become active during such times,” said sociologist Dr Krishna Bhattachan.

“At such times, not only the professionals, but also various political interest groups try to benefit from security lapses,” he said, adding, the persons involved with the previous government may be trying to defame the incumbent regime.

The looting of the Nepal Bank Limited, Chhetrapati branch on May 28; the killings of the Nepali Congress cadre Srish Pokhrel and the Tourism entrepreneur Da Tsering Sherpa on Friday and Saturday night respectively — all show different patterns.

Also the lootings at the houses of Nim Pasang Sherpa at Shantinagar and Sailesh Pradhan at Sainbu, Lalitpur this morning and other petty thefts in the Valley are also worrying.

The vandalisaion of the Everest Nursing Home last Wednesday and the protests of the Microbus drivers leading to the vandalisation of many vehicles, including a police van, also showed unique patterns.

Criminologist Dr Rajit Bhakta Pradhananga blamed passive security bodies for the sudden rise in the number of crimes in the Valley.

He said the security bodies that are usually passive during the period of transition help criminals to exploit the situation. “Various criminal groups seem to be benefiting at a time when all administrative bodies are in a state of confusion or totally inactive,” he added.

Police officials, however, beg to differ. “We are not passive at all. In fact, we have been even more active at this time,” Deepak Ranjit, superintendent of police at the Valley Crime Investigation Branch, said.

Another police official at the Valley Police Office said some political groups were trying to defame the present regime by backing the criminal. He said the police had information that some miscreants were hired to create havoc during the fracas at the Everest Nursing Home and also during the demonstration of the Microbus drivers. “We have information that a group of high-level persons are supplying arms to such miscreants,” he said, adding, the police was doing its best to bring the guilty to justice.