Interim constitution draft ‘addresses’ pro-Dalit issues

Kathmandu, September 15:

The interim constitution draft addresses issues of the untouchables and caste-based discrimination as it has made provision of compensation against such offences. Speaking at a programme organised in the capital today by Dalit Joint Struggle Committee, Min Bishwakarma, one of the interim constitution draft committee members, said the provision was made to provide a legal basis to seek justice and bring the person guilty of caste-based

discrimination and practicing untouchability under the law.

He informed that Article 15 of the draft interim constitution has provision of right against untouchability and caste-based discrimination. “One can get constitutional remedy against any untouchability and caste-based discrimination ffence even if there exists no provision in law,” he claimed.

Durga Shov, president, Association of Dalit Women, condemned the incident of Saileshwori temple of Doti district and demanded the guilty be punished as early as possible. On August 26, Dalits were prevented form entering the Shaileshwori temple premises and the priest of the temple reportedly insulted Dalit women who had gone to worship in the temple.

The locals including teachers, political cadres and government employees on September 6 had rallied against those who advocated for Dalit community. “It is a complete disgrace to the parliament proclamation,” Shov said. The joint struggle committee has submitted a 4 point memorandum to home minister on this regard.