International Yoga day celebration

The International Day of Yoga took place on June 21 as declared by the United Nations. It was also celebrated with grandeur in our school. The event was choreographed by our yoga teacher Ishwor Dongol. He had started to train a couple of students for the event. On the day of event, we had to perform yoga in front of the entire school as part of our assembly.

Before we started, head boy Shubham Jain and I read a few lines about the importance and advantages of yoga. Then we commenced our yoga demonstration. First the junior students performed joint movements, Surya Namaskar and then head stands. Then the senior students came in and built two human pyramids in less than 16 seconds. The event ended with the demonstration of a banner falling

that bore the words ‘Happy Yoga Day’.

Yoga is a shared heritage of India and Nepal. We did well to remember all its steps taught to us and to conserve it. Yoga Day was celebrated with pomp in our school. I am proud to say that I was a part of it.