Investigation likely to take time: Police

Kathmandu, August 22

Investigation into the murder of career diplomat and former Nepali ambassador to France Keshav Raj Jha appears to heading nowhere so far.

Police today conducted polygraph tests on three persons, hoping to find leads in the case. The Metropolitan Police Crime Division had taken three persons — guard-cum-cook Sanu Tamang and two gardeners who used to visit the house two to three times a week for gardening — into custody since early Monday.

A police source said the results of the polygraph test indicated that the investigation was likely to take longer than expected as the results produced no lead in the case.

Senior Superintendent of Police Dhiran Pratap Singh at Metropolitan Police Crime Division,Teku, said, “The investigation is likely to take time but we are confident that will reach conclusion.” SSP Singh had said yesterday that the arrestees were not cooperating with the investigation. According to police, the primary hindrance to investigation was not being able to establish the motive behind the murder.

Jha was found murdered in his bedroom on the ground floor of his bungalow at Babar Mahal early Monday morning. Police and family sources said he was stabbed multiple times in the scalp and upper chest, near the right and the left collar bones.

The head injuries, apparently caused by multiple stabs with sharp pointed kitchen knife, were about two inches deep.