The Embassy of Israel has established Research and Development Hub, and a high-tech classroom model at the National Innovation Centre Nepal, in Kathmandu.

Recognising the vital importance of R&D Hub for holistic development of the nation, the Government of Israel opened a full-fledged Israeli-styled high-tech classroom consisting of laptops, webcams, digital display screen, in-built sound system, air-conditioning, glass boards, furniture and other necessary equipment.

Aiming to develop and exchange innovative ideas among researchers, the hub will be the first of its kind - R&D-cum-high-tech class in Nepal. Besides, the R&D centre will serve as contact point for collaboration with R & D related international organisations and share ideas among researchers to come up with innovative ideas. The hub is open to everyone and it will facilitate their creativity and collaboration in physical presence backed up with digital space.

The inaugural ceremony of the centre was held at the National Innovation Centre, Kirtipur, today in the presence of Hanan Goder, ambassador of Israel to Nepal, Deputy Chief of Mission Tal Shvartsman and Mahabir Pun, chairperson of NIC.

There was a presentation on how the classes will be run and used as R&D hub in Nepal.

The virtual meeting was organised with the parallel organization of Israel named Yazamut360 Entrepreneurship Centre, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

Addressing the event, Ambassador Goder said, "Improving our lifestyle can only be done through research on changes in science.

This is what led Israel to progress and I am proud to be associated with this centre, which will facilitate progress in Nepal."

DCM Shvarstman said, "This hub is a seed for flourishing ideas in the near future as Nepali researchers and citizens can now invent great ideas for the benefit of the nation. I do hope that in the days to come, with hubs like these, Nepal will be able to export ideas on a hightech scale to the globe."

Pun said, "Israel is a desert, but fertile in innovation.

This is a great initiative in technology. We try to bring new technologies, test them and put them to use in the best and effective way. We will use this centre to be connected with innovative centres in Israel and other nations. In this hub, we will nurture homegrown inventors, innovators, and scientists to promote development of the country. We are trying to support innovators who come here and we hope to have long-term collaboration and support from Israel."

Dana Gavish, founder and general manager of Yazamut 360 Entrepreneurship Centre at Ben Gurion University of the Negev highlighted about the importance of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology and how important it is to include these in academics too. She further expressed her willingness to continue this connection, have exploratory discussion and support and exchange ideas to make it productive for the development of the nation.

Israel is considered the No 1 Start-up nation and an international hub for R&D where many ideas have been converted into reality. The embassy believes the centre will assist the citizens of Nepal to explore their potential in a sort of environment that is integral for bringing innovative ideas to fruition.

A version of this article appears in the print on January 7, 2022, of The Himalayan Times.