Janaandolan-I victim cries for help

Kathmandu, December 3:

Tara Khadka, 38, who was injured during the Janaandolan-I, is seeking support from the government for his livelihood.

Khadka had his right leg amputated after he was hurt while protesting the Panchayat regime. Three bullets hit his right leg during a protest.

According to Khadka, he was thrown on Bishnumati river bank when then king Birendra declared democracy in the country.

He also contributed to the Janaandolan-II in 2006 when he partially lost his vision because of tear gas. “I devoted my life to bring democracy in the country. But the government has done little to ameliorate the sufferings of injured people like me,” he said.

He said he was expecting financial support or employment from the government.

However, the Relief and Rehabilitation Unit (RRU) under the Peace ministry stated they had nothing to offer for the injured of Janaandolan-I. The RRU stated that it had already issued ID cards for the injured and physically-disabled people of the Janaandolan-II and that they were already receiving relief from the government.

“We can provide relief if the victims came up with some special document recommended by the health or home ministry or the cabinet,” Kamal Timilshina, section officer at the RRU, said.

Anyone interested to support Khadka can donate funds in his account no 1111081723 at Oriental Cooperative Limited.

He claimed that he had a monkey’s heart transplant.