KATHMANDU, July 11 Padma Ratna Tuladhar-led Indigenous Nationalities National Movement (INNM) and Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) are preparing to join hands for a joint movement against the provisions of the draft constitution. Backed by Unified CPN-Maoist, INNM was earlier formed, accusing NEFN, the umbrella organisation of all the indigenous nationalities of the country, of failing to launch a movement ‘as both its Chairman Nagendra Kumal and General Secretary Pemba Gurung Bhote were close to the Nepali Congress and CPN-UML respectively’. The 16-point agreement of the four major parties, including the Unified CPN-Maoist, has now brought the INNM and NEFIN together. They are sorting out their differences to fight for the rights of the indigenous nationalities. “Before the 16-point agreement, INNM leaders used to accuse NEFIN of inaction, but after the UCPN-M kicked them out, we have come closer,” said NEFIN General Secretary Bhote, who was nominated by CPN-UML as a Constituent Assembly member. Many independent indigenous rights activists, including Nanda Kangdangwa, Krishna Bhattachan, Bal Krishna Mabuhang and Shankar Limbu among others, have been working as mediators to bring the two forces together. Today, a task force formed to draft Terms of References for the joint movement presented the document. Nanda Kangdangwa, Krishna Bhattachan and Bal Krishna Mabuhang presented their first draft of ToR. The meeting that included representatives from both the sides has decided to finalise the ToR within few days. NEFIN Chairman Kumal said the secretariat of the federation would take a concrete decision after the task force finalises the ToR as there was no alternative to a strong movement. INNM spokesperson Om Gurung said they have been working with NEFIN for a joint movement. “Within a week or two we will announce our joint movement against the draft constitution based on the 16-point agreement,” Gurung said, adding that all the pro-Janajati parties would also be joining the movement. The movement will include more like-minded forces. Gurung said the INNM will organise a motorcycle rally on July 14 and a broader gathering on July 15 at the Nepal Academy. Bhote said the joint movement would begin after the gathering of July 15.